Youth Ministries


Sunday School

Ask any of the children in our group and they will tell you the best part about Sunday School is the juice and biscuits! While extra care and devotion are taken in preparing interactive and situating Bible lessons for each age group, the snacks still win. We highly recommend bringing your children and testing it for yourselves.

Our Sunday School is the place to be if you are in Gr R – 7 and you come through to church on a Sunday morning. The teachers and helpers love to share with you what God says in His Book the Bible while you make crafts or eat a couple of biscuits and enjoy a cup of juice.

The Sunday School runs at the same time as the morning service (from 9 AM). But we never mind a family arriving a moment or two late (We understand how busy mornings can be). This means you can happily attend the service knowing your children are taken care of.

Our small classes mean that each child receives individual attention and our group is divided by ages, so you know that activities are just right for your child. We follow scripture-based lessons with a range of exercises to get the children involved – from colouring in, poster making, arts and crafts to acting out stories, song and dance, and even a movie every now and then (with popcorn, of course!).

We ensure the very best care is taken with each child and will only let children stay in the class on their own when they feel comfortable enough – moms and dads are always welcome to join!

Our classes currently cater to the following ages (but we are always willing to add more groups as needed):

Junior Class: 4 to 6 years
Senior Class: Grade 1 to 7

Other ages:
Infant to 4 years: We have an excellent cry room with toys and games from the children and a speaker system where moms and dads are most welcome to stay during the service

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We invite you to come along try our Sunday School classes and morning service. A friendly face will be waiting to greet you at the door. Get in touch with us for all the details

See you soon.


DOTS for Gr R- 7 is the group where our children are encouraged and taught to be
Disciples Of The Saviour; DOTS.
Lots of fun, singing, bible lessons and learning verses.

Every Friday from 17:30 - 19:00



CHAOS – is a group of teens where we also have fun and sing a bit while learning and discussing the Bible. We are looking to discover for ourselves that in this chaotic world of being a teenager that Christ Has All Our Solutions hence CHAOS.

Every Friday from 19:30 - 21:00

On Friday nights it is time for DOTS and CHAOS. These are our groups for those who are in primary school (DOTS) and High School (CHAOS). It looks and feels on a Friday night like we are spotty Dalmatians running around Chaotically having an absolute ball.

Looking forward to seeing you soon … No Dalmatian suit required :)

To The Parents

Our Church is a family where we value our kids, teens and young adults training them up in the way they would go, so that as they grow and learn they will come to know Jesus and walk with him through their current situation and be equipped spiritually to handle life as it happens.

We encourage you and your children or teens to join us as we Glorify God by being one family; who Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus and our Christlike love for each other whether we are kids, teens, or adults, and as we GO about our daily lives, serving Him in and through the church at Horison and our community.