Missions Prayer Compass 26

We publish an evangelistic newspaper to encourage and help Christians to share their faith regularly and to give readers the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ.

• Challenge started in 1978 with small print editions of the paper produced on a photocopier.

• The first tabloid edition was printed in August 1980.

• When Challenge started we printed 5000 papers per month predominantly for Western Australia.

• Slowly but surely we expanded into the Eastern States and at our peak we were printing 63,000 papers per month.

• Today we produce the paper for 20 plus countries in partnership with the UK Goodnews Paper.

• We have moved from doing a total yearly print-run in the early eighties of around 60,000 papers, to approximately 4,000,000 papers.

Missions Prayer Compass 27

Horison Baptist Church started using the Challenge Newspaper under the leadership of Ps. Mike Trollip and individual members loved to distribute it in their personal capacity. Further inroads were made, and a systematic and consistent use of the paper followed under Ps. Mike’s successor, Ps. Jamey Dykman. The Jerusalem Project was birthed whereby Challenge Newspaper was distributed every second month using municipal maps of the Horison area divided into sectors, making use of volunteer members on Saturday mornings. Teams walk the streets two-by-two, dropping the paper into post boxes and handing it to residents with a friendly introduction of who we are and where our church is situated. Invites to special events, Holiday Bible Club and series of meetings now serve as inserts and piggy-back on the Challenge Newspaper into the homes of needy souls. Currently the church uses 2 000 copies every second month. We have seen responses to these efforts in attendance of Holiday Bible Club and individuals phoning the church to acquire more info. A lonely Christian lady responded to the Christmas service invitation via the newspaper and after attending for the first time at the end of December 2018, became a faithful visitor. This caused her to find a loving church family and spiritual home. If you would like to partner or participate with us in distributing the Challenge Newspaper in our community or further afield please feel free to connect through our websites www.challengenews.org.za or za.challenge.news.