Horison Baptist Community Outreach and Mission Committees


We endeavour to support the “GOING” of Horison Baptist Church as we reach out into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. Prayerfully, Practically and Financially

  Objectives - Community

   Seminars for the community
   Encouraging others to pray for outreach
   Reporting back about the outreach
   Visiting the coalface
   Inviting others to join in and help
   Noticing new areas of caring
   Giving of time, talents and finances

  Objectives - Missions 

   Supporting the missions with finances
  Understanding the mission more clearly
  Praising with the missionaries we support
  Praying for the missionaries we support
  Outings to the missionaries we support
  Reporting back to the church from the field
  Telling the missionaries we care

Our Mission Partners

Community Outreach

Following Jesus' example we at HBC encourage our members to be practical in their outreach. We have partnered with the Cornerstone church nearby as they preach the gospel and feed those in need both physically and spiritually. We make use of the the Challenge News paper as a tool to share the testimonies of the love of Christ. We also have a trauma teddy initiative which reaches to children who have been traumatised, usually by physical or sexual abuse.

Compassion for the community, and being moved by that compassion to minister practically in the lives of the local people, is the example Jesus set as he engaged the people where he lived and travelled.
The accounts of the miracles he performed include a number of times he fed and healed many.
Caring for people especially the widows and orphans did not stop with Jesus but was continued in the early church. Even as Paul went to Jerusalem and confirmed the gospel he was preaching the elders encouraged him to care for the widows and orphans.

Trauma Teddy

These teddies are given to children who have been traumatised, usually by physical or sexual abuse.

We work with SAPS Krugersdorp, who give the teddies to the children for comfort after the abusive event/s and during counselling.

Approximately 400 children under the age of 18 are victims of abuse on the West Rand alone each year – and these are just the cases that are reported.

Please join us in reaching our goal of  providing at least 200 teddies each year.


Teddy Pattern

You will need a pair of needles (size 4.5 or 5 depending on your tension)
100 g of each of 3 colours (will make 3 bears if you alternate them correctly)

Cast on 15sts in colour 1
Knit 6 rows
Change to colour 2
Knit 24 rows
Cut wool with 15 cm end to sew up

Do not cut off
Make second leg the same

Knit across both legs for 24 rows
Change back to colour 1
Knit 4 rows
Change to colour 3
Knit 4 rows
Cast on 15 sts at end of next 2 rows
Knit 14 rows
Cast off 15sts at end of next 2 rows
Knit 35 rows
Cast off on wrong side

Make a second side the same as the first
Sew together, leaving the top of the head open
You do not have to sew in the ends – they form part of the stuffing

Sew on mouth and eyes with wool
Please do not use buttons or similar – only wool
Stuff and sew across top of head

Please drop completed teddies at the Church.


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