Horison Baptist Jerusalem and Mission Committees


We endeavour to support the “GOING” of Horison Baptist Church as we reach out into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. Prayerfully, Practically and Financially

Objectives - Jerusalem 

S - Seminars for the community
E - Encouraging others to pray for outreach
R - Reporting back about the outreach
V - Visiting the coalface
I - Inviting others to join in and help
N - Noticing new areas of caring
G - Giving of time, talents and finances

Objectives - Missions 

S - Supporting the missions with finances
U - Understanding the mission more clearly
P - Praising with the missionaries we support
P - Praying for the missionaries we support
O - Outings to the missionaries we support
R - Reporting back to the church from the field
T - Telling the missionaries we care

Mission Prayer Compass